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Sukipay revolutionizes payments by providing a portal for merchants and billers that has no online payment platform where their respective customers can pay online and providing a single dashboard for all mode of payments.

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Our Ecosystem

 SukiPay User

 Mobile Load
 Game Denoms (Soon)
 Bills Payment
 BNPL (Soon)

 SukiPay Outlet

 Mobile Load
 Game Denoms (Soon)
 Bills Payment
 Cash in (Soon)

 SukiPay Hub

 Mobile Load
 Game Denoms (Soon)
 Bills Payment
 Cash in (Soon)
 SukiPay User Commi

 SukiPay Merchant

 Mobile Load
 Game Denoms (Soon)
 Bills Payment
 Cash in (Soon)
 Omni Channel Connectivity
 Single Dashboard

Keep your account secure with your own PIN

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a 6-digit passcode that you can use to authenticate all your SukiPay transactions.

Here are some tips to secure your account with your PIN:
1.  Use an PIN that is hard to guess – avoid birthdays or your previous passwords.
2.   Change your PIN regularly.
3.   Do not share your PIN with anyone. SukiPay will never ask for your PIN.
4.   Transact with trusted merchants.

Our Services

Top up

Fund and power up your SukiPay wallet to use our features like mobile loading, bills payment and etc.

Mobile Loading

With SukiPay you can load up on discounted prepaid load for SMART, PLDT, TNT & etc.

Bills Payment

You don’t need to line and wait. With the power of SukiPay you can pay your bills anytime, anywhere.

Event Registration

Event registration simplifies attendee sign-up for gatherings or conferences, streamlining organization and communication between hosts and participants.  

Our Partners

Bills Payment


Credit Card


Our Merchants

 Credit / Debit Cards


3.5% + P 

 Digital Payment Platforms

​2% + P 10.00
​​ P 10.00​​​

 Bank Transfer

P 10.00

Accept payments online with the lowest fees in the market

We only charge for every successful transaction.

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