Unlocking Growth Through Industry-Specific Partnerships

Bald Puppies Solutions Inc.

At Bald Puppies Solutions Inc., we believe that collaboration drives innovation. Our industry-specific partnership program is designed to empower businesses with tailored solutions, leveraging both hardware and software products.

 Whether you're a local government agency, a cooperative, or a private enterprise, our partnerships are customized to meet your unique needs.

Why Partner with Us?

Industry Expertise

We specialize in serving specific industries, including local government units (eLGUs), cooperatives, and private enterprises. Our deep understanding of these sectors allows us to create targeted solutions.

Hardware and Software Integration

Our portfolio includes cutting-edge hardware and software products. From payment gateways to identity verification platforms, we've got you covered.

Affiliate Program

Our affiliates play a crucial role in lead generation. By promoting our solutions, they contribute to our collective success. Join our affiliate network and earn while helping businesses thrive.

Opportunities Await

eLGU Solutions

Simplify local governance with our eLGU suite. From citizen services to administrative processes, we enhance efficiency and transparency.

eTravel Unification

Streamline travel applications and documents. Our eTravel platform ensures seamless processes for travelers and agencies alike.

eGovPay Aggregation

Manage payments effortlessly. Our eGovPay solution aggregates payment channels, making transactions secure and convenient.


Protect your digital assets. Our cybersecurity solutions safeguard against threats, ensuring peace of mind.

Ready to explore industry-specific partnerships? Reach out to us.